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Therapeutic Horsemanship

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Providing therapeutic horsemanship through equine assisted activities to mentally and physically challenged persons... fostering independence and success in everyday life activities and social settings.

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Meet Our Equine Therapists  
The therapy horse is our #1 tool.  A sound mind and symmetrical gait are top priorities to accomodate our riders.  Our horses are well disciplined but have plenty of challenge to the various riders. 
Welch's Midnight Buddy
Buddy is an 10 year old registered Haflinger gelding.  He comes with a personality beyond description.  Buddy is our Hippotherapy specialist and performs his duties  under the supervision of our Level I Certified Hippotherapist.  He has a very unique, wide, square, symmetrical build with a  smooth gait that provides our therapist  a quality tool when providing services.
 His name says it all.  He is our newest therapy horse and comes with more passion for his riders than I have ever seen.
He is young, handsome and a hairdo that is irresistable to touch.  Gilligan comes with  his own special needs.  Born with a wind flapper that limits his air he cannot and does not like to be fast and furious.  He prefers a  laid back lifestyle (island style) of caring for his riders and taking care of their needs over his own
picture to come soon
Donations can be made to
GaitQuest Therapeutic Horsemanship
 Happy State Bank, Dumas TX  
Waddy is now with his new family in Sunray TX.
BB Boots Waddy Bar
Waddy is an 13 year old registered quarter horse.   He was born in Kansas for show purposes.  He was purchased by myself as a 2 year old.  Broke and trained by myself in the feedlot environment.  Waddy doesn't like hard work so he has adjusted well to  the therapeutic riding environment.  He has a great neutral build and gait for any rider.  He has shown much compassion for his riders and is very light to the touch which makes it very easy for riders to learn about horsemanship.
Recently retired due to degenerative arthritis in her knees.  She's a 22 year old California gal that was purchased at a sale in Arizona 18 years ago.  She has been used on ranches, feedlots, trailrides and her most favorite sport of all is roping!!!  She loves to calf rope, head and heel.  You name it she's done it!!  Currently her retirement job is to participate in the initial evaluation process of each participant.  Initial evaluations are conducted with ground activites.  She also is a favorite of every young rider to brush and lead and hug at anytime if they desire.  She is an irreplaceable teacher of horsemanship skills... "who needs the instructor"!!   . 

Rambo is now in his green pastures of heaven 

Rambo (our veteran of 30 yrs old) was donated to the program by Dr. Michael Atha (Twist Junction Veterinary) of Dalhart Texas.  Dr. Atha's son has outgrown his childhood friend but decided Rambo still had alot to offer.  His name says it all!  He is large with a big frame and a powerful gentle giant.  His background also consists of ranching and roping and taking care of his rider.  One of Rambo's little quirks is getting a drink of water and holding it in his mouth for as long as he can...pretty entertaining! 

Jessie currently resides with one of our current riders 

Jessie is approximately 21 years old and was donated by Jan Fetzer of Valle De Oro, TX.   Jan has had Jessie for several years and it did not come easy parting ways with her life long riding partner.  Jessie's background is feedlot, ranching, roping and broodmare and unlike the outlaw Jesse James she will give 150% even on a bad day!!  She has a TEXAS size heart and soul to make a terrific therapeutic riding horse.