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Therapeutic Horsemanship

We are a 501(c)3 Non Profit Organization. Providing therapeutic horsemanship through equine assisted activities to mentally and physically challenged persons... fostering independence and success in everyday life activities and social settings.

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 Meet Miss Jasyah!
Meet Manual
Manual's story....
Manual came to ride at GaitQuest in September of 2011.  His mother would carry him to the mounting ramp so he could ride his equine therapist "Buddy".  Since Manual has been riding his Dr. saw an impressive improvement in muscle mass and strength/balance.  They suggested for him to ride 2x per week.  Riding horses increased his muscle mass enough to enable him to have a surgery in early 2013 that previously he was not elibible for.  With continued riding the future is looking bright!!
Within the warmth of my horse's breath,
I will find the air that I need to live today,
I will find the wind to fly to the heights of my
I will find the one I am meant to be~
~R. Edstrom~
Straight from a mothers heart!
 "Gaitquest Therapeutic Horsemanship has been a blessing to our family. I have a child with Traumatic Brain Injury and I am a volunteer. Looking through a child with disabilities no matter what the disability is. A Child or an adult. There is 45min's of their life they get to feel a feeling we take for granted.  We can get around just fine, we walk everyday never give it a thought. But there are some that don't have that blessing. But when on top of a horse there is a feeling that can't be put into words. On top of a horse they get to feel normal, they feel strong, in control. Even though they have to exercise and follow instructions. There is still that power on top of a horse that we will never understand. 
Please volunteer and help to bring in volunteers for the sake of the of those who are not as fortunate as we are." 

" I had another meeting with all of Blaine's teachers and therapists.  They all bragged so much on how much better Blaine is walking and not only that, he has so much more confidence in himself.  I just want you to know you are changing his life for the better.  I cannot tell you how much that means to us!  You are definately a blessing from God! "                                                 


The horse is an equalizer for every rider in some form, whether gaining "legs" for a person who cannot walk or a higher viewpoint from astride their four legged friend...maybe a set of eyes and sense of direction for someone with a vision disorder....independence and emotional freedom for someone who may be trying to overcome depression.... possibly the first time an autistic child speaks to the horse they have been riding that demands nothing from them and does not see the disability but only their ability.  The benefits of this program are endless and we have yet to see what the future holds. 


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Donations can be made to
GaitQuest Therapeutic Horsemanship
 Happy State Bank, Dumas TX  
With the continued and committed support of the community and sponsors you will enable one more rider to continue their dream of riding tomorrow
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